Copado is better known as the best tool in the market for Salesforce DevOps. It’s 100% native to Salesforce and it has plenty of features to achieve our goals in terms of Salesforce DevOps requirements.

In this post, we are going to explore the new features that Copado releases for Summer ’20. Copado has released the package for customers on the 15th of July 2020 with more than 150 features that include improvements and new functionality changes of current DevOps processes.

So, Let’s begin!!

Copado Summer ‘20

One of the Copado’s biggest feature in the Summer’ 20 release is the Analytics, is…

Null checking is an important functionality in every programming language. In different languages, the null checking differs from the way the other language check null.

In this post, we are going to discuss the null checking in Salesforce APEX.

The following are some of the null checkings in APEX,

1. Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c == '';
2. Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c == null;
3. Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c.trim() == '';
4. Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c.size() == 0;
5. Boolean isBlank = record.num_Field__c = '';
6. Boolean isBlank = record.num_Field__c = null;
7. Boolean isBlank = record.lookup_Field__c = '';
8. Boolean isBlank…

How to delete a git branch locally?


  1. When you find a merge conflict while fetching a branch to local, you can simply abort the merge, delete the branch and checkout as a new branch will reduce the time to find the root cause if you don’t have a local development at this branch.
  2. To delete a local branch.

First scenario

Abort the merge -> git merge --abort

Checkout to another branch to delete the local branch that you are trying because you can’t delete a branch while you are at the branch

git checkout master

Delete the local branch -> git branch -d {localBranch} OR git…

This is indeed a really necessary one to check whether a user of Salesforce has the record access to a particular record/ a list of records for the admin, developers, and the support peoples to check when a user couldn’t able to access a Salesforce record in an organization.

To find out if a particular user has access to a record, we can use the UserRecordAccess object. This object is available in API version 24.0 and later. We can use a simple SOQL query to UserRecordAccess object to find out if the user has the access to the record.


We all know that we can configure GitHub or other cloud-based version control systems to manage and versioning the source in a repository for future audit and source control in Copado deployment flow.

But we have some challenges to give the write access to the new developers.

Why do we need to give the write access to the developers?

  • There are some instances, they may need to remove some changes directly from the feature or promotion branches to do the deployment correctly, for this they need the write access to edit the branches.

How can we overcome these issues?


Copado is the #1 DevOps solution for Salesforce. It helps the Salesforce deployment very easy and smooth with easy UI wizards and configuration.

Copado success community is the best place we can explore the knowledge about Copado:

Copado Documentation site is the other resource where we can acquire a lot about the best practices and tricks about the Copado:

Copado is an App Exchange product which you can find via link, and this is cost around $250 per user per month.

Click the above link and provide and accept to send Copado the details of yours to…

The first question that usually comes to a new developer who starts his/ her Salesforce career as a developer or Administrator are,

  • How are we going to do the development, bug fixing, configurations in the Salesforce platform?
  • Are we doing directly into the Production environment?

The answer is No because, In any software development project, we do not implement anything directly in the Production environment unless if it’s a must occasion. Normally we do implement it in a lower/ staging environment to try out new things before moving to Production.


Because proper testing is mandatory before moving to a…

Copado has introduced some new functionalities and some improvements in their existing features/ functionalities as well through their Copado Winter’ 20 Release. In this blog post, I am going to explain these features with the snapshots.

The followings are the features and improvement of Copado 20 Release

  1. Copaodo Continuous Delivery
  2. Advanced-Data Deploy
  3. Copado CLI
  4. Deployment Wizard
  5. UX Enhancements

It accelerates the process of verifying, deploying & releasing Salesforce metadata across all the environment.

  • It allows delivering changes to production in a quick, safe and sustainable way.

If we want to enable the Copado Continuous Delivery features like automated deployments, back…

As a software engineer, I was working in different places where I have learned a lot about how the teamwork and the process of the companies to make a team or an individual settled.

Here I am going to differentiate the workplaces generally to have a proper understanding to get to know the process.


As usual, teamwork is the factor to improve and develop yourself as a good technical person.

Yes, you need to showcase yourself as well to get the exposure but not by showing the other person's knowledge.

It’s not a big deal to get the knowledge…

What is Reports?

Reports are the medium that can be shown the insights of the data with the beautiful graphical views. Also with the dynamic filters, we can see a different view of our Report data where we can get more insights of what we really need to extract to get the insights.

How Can we get the insights?

The Einstein platform has the ‘ Einstein Data Insights’ feature from which we can analyze the reports and give insights. It’s pretty cool !! Let’s move and learn about Einstein Data Insights.

In which cost?

Einstein Data Insights requires the Einstein…

Hariprasath Thanarajah

5 yrs of experience in Software Development and became a certified Salesforce Developer to develop end-to-end Salesforce features to Salesforce platform.

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