Analytics platform for Salesforce Organizations

As a developer, Admin, Product owner or the organization Owner, you knew the important of analyzing to get more insights of the data which are gathered from the day to day activities of your company to Improve the organizations growth in the business, customer satisfaction, customer service and even for the employees satisfaction of the organization.

What is Analytics? and Analytics Platform in easy words?

“From the existing data of an Enterprise/ Organization find the insights of its to make decisions and predictions to improve the quality of services that are given to the customer as well as about the organization's employee's satisfaction”

  • It needs to have the capacity to handle different types of data.
  • Minimum coding and drag and drop UI components functionality to handle and analyze the data.
  • The Platform needs to show the summarize results in customizing graphs, tables to get more idea about the insights of the data dynamically.
  • The platform needs to give suggestions/ predictions to improve the business of the organization.
  • The platform needs to make decisions from the data.
  • The platform needs to give predictions to improve the Business strategies of the company.

Salesforce is a Fancy Database

Salesforce is a World No 1 cloud-based CRM platform which has plenty of features to interact with Customers. Salesforce integrates all teams of a company in a single place to communicate with the customers. For Example Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Service and more.

  • Predict outcomes so your users can make decisions with confidence.
  • Recommend the best actions to make the most out of every engagement.
  • Automate routine tasks so your users can focus on customer success.
Sample view of an Analytics Dashboard and its view

5 yrs of experience in Software Development and became a certified Salesforce Developer to develop end-to-end Salesforce features to Salesforce platform.